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Dr. Kenneth Dignan is currently dedicated to serving as the president and founder of ‘Til Healing Comes Ministries.

‘Til Healing Comes Ministries deals with practical Bible truths regarding why God allows suffering and how does prayer and faith apply to Divine healing?

Many well meaning and concerned Christians wonder and get confused about what to do when they, loved ones or friends, get seriously ill and ask for believers to pray for them.

Why do some receive a miracle of healing and others, with just as sincere of a faith and hope, do not? What place does suffering play in a person’s life?

The Rev./Dr. Kenneth Dignan, has dedicated a lifetime of in-depth study of the Bible and theology on faith, prayer for the sick and divine healing. He addresses these issues in his book entitled, “‘Til Healing Comes.”

Ken is available to share at your church, college, school or organization regarding these matters. He has delivered helpful messages to the hurting all over America.

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